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May 29, 2013
Cool Weather Doesn't Stop Seahorse Challengers
Eva Hattie Schueler
Temperatures in the 50s over Saturday and Sunday along with a cold drizzle of rain on Monday didn’t exactly make for the most enjoyable weekend.  Yet the cloudy skies and chilly winds were not a deterrent for attendants who bravely swam, cycled and ran in the 30th annual Seahorse Challenge May 26. The 2013 installment was held at Kalamazoo County’s Coldbrook County Park, which provided both spectators and participants alike with a beautiful setting and the perfect reason to be outside.
For the males in the Olympic distance, Matt Smith ranked 11th place in the swim, but managed to make very good time with the cycling and running legs of the event on his way to taking first place with a total time of 2:11:20. Ben Hammer used his top-ranked run and the third fastest bike time in the field en route to a second place overall finish, coming in at 2:11:33. Finally, Matt West took third place overall after he completed all three legs in 2:12:50.
Jessica Brannigan quickly sloshed her way through the swim to finish in first place for the females and 13th place overall in 2:27:30. Stacia Schlosser, in second place, was not far behind, ending with a total time of 2:30:57. Third place went to Jamie Endicott with her finishing time of 2:36:52.
In the sprint option, Amy Corrigan finished in a time of 1:13:56 and took first place for the women, using the third fastest run time in the field to jump into the top 10 overall.  Second place went to Michelle Dalton with a completion time of 1:21:26. Exactly five minutes later was the third place winner Gabriell Villanuey at a time of 1:26:26.
For the men, Michael Mosier came in first place after 1:08:44. Stace Tucker ranked third place overall and took second place in the sprint with a time at 1:09:43, and third place went to Ian Alvarez and his time of 1:10:26.
Other races held at the 2013 Seahorse Challenge included both Olympic and Sprint distance aquabike races, as well as a duathlon run on land.  For full results of all five events, head to the 3 Disciplines website.
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